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Creativity opens the door to intuition.


In 2022, I reignited my passion for design, realising how much I truly missed it.

Although my background and education were in Textile Design, I trained as a hair and makeup artist, to explore colour and creativity on a different canvas.  Fast forward 15 years, I’m now working with different fabrics and textures, creating my own designs and patterns for fashion accessories and interiors.

"Adorn …with love" is a brand, which comes from my heart. It’s about my inner journey of transformation using the power of colour and words to spread love, light and positivity to my customers.

My mission is to make my customers feel good through the power of colours, words and designs.

Thank you for visiting my site. I know you'll find something you'll like.

Colour Therapy

Colour therapy can be used to harmonise and rebalance the body's inner vibration. By looking at specific colours they can have an effect on your mood and feelings. i.e. warm colours are stimulating and cool colours are calming. I intuitively use colour therapy and symbolism so my

products are designed to make you feel good.

Lotus candle in a casket
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